How to Get Job in a Foreign Embassy?

Embassies of all the countries employ ‘local staff’ of the host nation in order to assist with a variety of jobs. They usually deal with passports, visas, client services, and call centers for those who wish to travel to that country or countrymen in the host nation. The works needed in embassies can range from simple administrative, drivers, cleaners, press office job, translating etc. to more specialized research, liaising between host government and the embassy. Each embassy is different though their rules are somewhat similar. Usually they hire a citizen of host country or a citizen of the embassy’s own country. The basic requirement, as in any other job, is that of a college degree and experience in the related field. However, one of the significant factors is to know the job openings in a timely manner. One can always check the websites of the embassies, call the embassy human resources office, browse through newspapers, and develop contacts who can refer him/her for a job in embassy.

Most of the embassies hire for permanent positions. It becomes quite difficult for the citizen of the host nation to get such permanent positions in an embassy. However, one can always try for a temporary position initially, with the help of related agencies. Many government officers/employees are also deputed in embassies as per the rules of the host nation as well as of the particular embassy. Getting a low level administrative job is always easier here. While doing such low profile job, one comes to know about the tricks of the job as well as develop contacts and friends in the system. All this knowledge and contacts help one to move around for more lucrative jobs in embassies.


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