Tickets to Serve As Visa’s

The BUA Agency reported that Home Affairs Minister of South Africa, Dlamini Zuma while speaking to the Joint Committees about how ready the nation was to host the FIFA 2010 World Cup said that, free event visa will be given to anyone who has a valid ticket for the World Cup matches. He also set that separate lanes would be designated for the people coming to watch the matches.

She added that top class treatment will be made available for the FIFA delegates and the national teams. Specific avenues are being opened up at King Shaka of Durban, O R Tambo International Airport located in Johannesburg and the Cape Town Airport.

The department is tutoring the volunteers to carry out duties at the various airports and help the visitors.

O R Tambo International Airport has launched a new control technology system that is being shipped to all the other airports.

Dlamini-Zuma said that this system will help to confirm that most of the passengers are not of the high risk category and thus clearance can be made quicker.

International Airports of India, Kenya, Germany, Dubai, Netherlands, UK, Nigeria and Hong Kong has been marked out as places which would serve as transits for the majority of the spectators from other countries.

With the expectation of Dubai discussions on security concerns have been conclude with the rest of the above mentioned countries and the outcome has been satisfactory.

Dlamini-Zuma further added that the department was functioning in tandem with the South African Airways so that passengers can be screened before they set foot on South African soil but added that the volcanic ash cover has disrupted the process.

She however said that this would act as an advantage for SAA as it will become faster and easier for the people flying by national airlines to clear immigration.

She said that for border points on land, joint check posts were being made to help the people crossing the land check points. This will make the clearance much faster as the people have to stand in a one line instead of going through checks on both sides of the line.

She said that one such joint post has been set up in Lebombo in Mozambique.

Other such similar joint check posts will be established at Zimbabwe in Maseru and Beit Bridge. It will also be made at Ficksburg on the Lesotho border, Kopfontein of Botswana border and Oshoek located on the Swaziland Border.


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