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What to See While on Your Holidays in Swaziland

Swaziland is a very small populated country. It serves as a great tourist place. The main places of attraction are the wild life reserves and the art and craft outlets and traditional markets. Swaziland has some unique arts and crafts and tourists are bound to visit it Swazi candles and Ngwenya glass are among its famous arts and crafts.

There is also a game reserve called Mlilwane game reserve where the tamed birds and animals wander through the grounds. It is located in the Ezulwini valley in between Mbabane and Manzini.The scenes and scenery of this place adds a wonder to its charm. The southern portion of this place can be viewed by foot or by sitting horse riding.

Next to Mlilwane is the Mantenga nature reserve. There is also a game reserve called Mkhaya game reserve which helps the tourists to see the various games with the help of guides.It was established to protect the nguni breed of cattle from ruining.

There are also other places with beautiful settings and scenery like the Pine valley which has a series of waterfalls on the black Umbeluzi river and the granite heights of the bald rock. The Piggs peak is also one of the major places of attraction in Swaziland and Malolotja water fall is the highest waterfall in Swaziland. There are also very famous and renowned hotels in Swaziland which has thermal springs where the visitors can rest peacefully.

The national parks help the visitors to set up camps for themselves. Swaziland is known for its ceremonial culture and there is an annual reed dance which is a traditional event at Royal kraal in Lobamba. The scenes and sceneries at Swaziland are a major attraction for tourists. There are some diverse landscapes which help make hiking and white water rafting even more pleasurable. There are approximately 500 species of birds in Swaziland. The game parks can be toured with the help of the guides.

So this is one of the most wonderful places for spending your holiday. The game reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, art and craft outlets and the traditional markets are the major places of attraction for the tourists but there is also a lot more to be explored.


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