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Where to Find All Information About Swaziland

Being a native Swazi who lives and work in Swaziland I have often been disappointed by the kind of “key facts” about Swaziland available on the web. The other time I read that there are eleven (11) television stations in Swaziland. What a huge number when you compare it to the two television stations we have (as of 2007). There is Swazi TV, which is government owned and Channel Swazi, which is a fairly new independently owned station.

Swaziland has more reliable information on the website than the one usually visible in high ranking websites. This is because most Swazi webmasters are still not well versed about search engine optimization (SEO) that would make their websites to quickly gain visibility.

I recommend a website that contains comprehensive information about Swaziland, and a parastatal operated website,

For those interested in visitng or doing business in Swaziland, Infoshopswaziland recommends quality links and has its own reliable key facts about Swaziland. You can also contact full time information officers who can help you find accurate information on the web. Again, one tourist website I strongly recommend is This is a site operated by a parastatal so information available on it is up to date and quite comprehensive.

With these two websites, I’m sure you can find useful and reliable information about Swaziland. I mean these sites have links to other reliable local websites so you can be sure you are getting accurate and up to date info about the small but beautiful kingdom of Swaziland (or kingdom of eSwatini as it is popularly known).

This article was written by Thando Mavimbela a co-publisher of [] a website that provides comprehensive information about Swaziland.You might be a tourist, entrepreneur, Business executive, investor or scholar; whichever the site will help you in a number of ways.


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